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Diet food to lose weight

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Chia seeds

Quality food from Central America, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein, can suppress appetite, accelerate metabolism, but also by increasing glucagon secretion, and thus play a fat-burning effect. Kia dry seed soak for 15 minutes, about 10 times the volume swells, let the stomach soon after eating with a sense of fullness, reducing the actual food intake.

Easy Recipes: soaked in almond milk which together make pudding; and coconut milk, pineapple dessert made ​​with roasted; direct buy energy bars containing Kia eat cereal.

Wild salmon

Adjusting diet alone is clearly not eat six pack abs, but wild salmon contained omega-3 fatty acids help improve insulin sensitivity group, can reduce the waist and abdominal fat accumulation, but also can effectively speed up the metabolic efficiency , renewal.

Easy Recipe: Poached wild salmon and pink grapefruit can mix into a salad; pickled with acid juice directly after raw; with dill and mustard sauce with smoked wild salmon.

Simple and convenient low-calorie food vegetable salad is a good choice.

Can be used in daily life tomatoes, celery, cucumber, carrots, asparagus, corn or green peppers and other colors varied, nutritious vegetables each other with food; if too cold to eat salad, soup can be a variety of vegetables, plus several flower fresh mushrooms seasoning, cook a pot of fresh mushroom vegetable soup, both delicious and nutritious.

Maintain a low fat, low salt diet. As far as possible to cook steamed or boiled way to reduce fat intake.

If you are eating out, you had better glass of water over the dish a little bit, in order to filter out excess oil and salt. Eat starchy foods, because starch is too easy oil, like fried noodles, fried rice. Pancakes and so on.

Take care of their own hair

In the morning you freshen up in the process they can also lose weight, spend thirty minutes dry hair , combing hair can consume 100 calories ( so you can go to a hair salon to do hair to save the cost ) .

Beautiful in Weight Loss

beautiful while not forgetting to lose weight , your favorite lipstick smear accumulated 765 times can consume 100 calories.

Stairs wearing high heels

Climbing stairs is a very common way to lose weight , but you might not know is that wearing high heels fine with stairs to accelerate fat burning speed , thereby enhancing the effect of weight loss ( to climb 20 stairs can consume 100 calories ) .

Enjoy singing

You can think of myself as is Faye Wong or Rihanna, put on headphones to enjoy singing along with the beat five upbeat song , it ‘s so you can easily burn 100 calories.

Qin finger texting

SMS can be sent one hour continuously consume 132 calories, so you can just sit there , send messages to friends and family , either contact the feelings also easily exercise your fingers , and achieve weight loss goal , really kill three birds ah .


Watching TV watching comedy shows to be more , because laughter ten minutes can consume 40 calories , in addition , do not use the remote control you, every time you want to change the channel , while she herself got up and went to go for TV , also do not underestimate this a few steps , it can help burn fat .

Sweet kisses

Affectionate kiss your lover can also burn calories , kissing is a natural ” cleaners .” Kiss when the calories consumed is usually more than twice . That is to say , so you can lose weight. Every three kisses, each kiss for 20 seconds, which is one minute ! Will allow you to achieve the purpose of weight loss .

Here below are the replacement you can eat as snacks without gaining a pound.

1 detox green juice

Sometimes you feel hungry, is not really hungry, but because the cells in your body  is water shortage, so the brain sends the wrong signal . Drink a glass of green juice at bedtime, not only to replenish moisture, can help solve hunger,  but also release of fructose, help relax nerves and promote sleep.

2, Milk

Milk contains a tryptophan, this ingredient can make people calm down. drink milk at night will not gain your weight, there is a great relationship between the obesity and the sleep quality.

3,Pumpkin porridge

Modern Nutrition study found that pumpkin has the lowest calorie , even before going to bed to eat does not cause weight gain. And pumpkin is rich in dietary fiber and pectin, not only has a good sense of satiety, but also intestinal absorption of metabolic waste and carcinogens, help intestinal detoxification during sleep.

4 bananas

Bananas at night does not cause obesity, eating bananas can stabilize serotonin and remove melanin in bananas contain magnesium, this element helps muscle relaxation during sleep to help relax. Banana which also contains a lot of fiber, eat can help smooth stomach to help detoxification.

5 guava coupled with Greek yogurt

Ingredients: 2/3 cup Greek yogurt, 1/4 pomegranate.

Practice: the above raw materials are mixed, stir evenly.

Weight loss principle: Guava has always been a very low calorie diet of fruit, rich in dietary fiber, easy to produce satiety.

While discharging a lot of fat accumulation in the body of toxins, promote human metabolism, weight loss foods in the crowd.

6 Oatmeal

Ingredients: oats and rice amount.

Practice: first washing clean oats and rice into the pot, add water, with the fire to boil, then simmer can be boiled.

One , 15 days diet soft-boiled eggs

Day 1

Breakfast: grapefruit one , one or two soft-boiled eggs , black coffee ( no sugar and creamer of coffee )

Lunch: two eggs , tomatoes, black coffee or tea

Dinner: two eggs , salads , low calorie toast, a grapefruit a

Day 2

Breakfast: grapefruit one , one or two soft-boiled eggs , black coffee

Lunch: two eggs , spinach , tomatoes, tea.

Dinner: steak , tomato , lettuce, celery , cucumber .

Day 3

Breakfast: grapefruit one , one or two soft-boiled eggs , black coffee

Lunch: two eggs , spinach , tomatoes, tea

Dinner: two eggs , raw cheese, cabbage, a low-calorie toast , black coffee .

Day 4

Breakfast: grapefruit one , one or two soft-boiled eggs , black coffee

Lunch: two eggs , spinach, tea

Dinner: lamb chops , celery, cucumbers , tomatoes

Day 5

Breakfast: grapefruit one , one or two soft-boiled eggs , black coffee

Lunch: two eggs , spinach, tea

Dinner: fish, salads , low calorie toast , tea

Day 6

Breakfast: grapefruit one , one or two soft-boiled eggs , black coffee

Lunch: fruit with a taste of fruit salad made ​​of

Dinner: steak, celery , cucumber , tomatoes, tea

7th day

Breakfast: grapefruit one , one or two soft-boiled eggs , black coffee

Lunch : Ice chicken, tomatoes, grapefruit

Dinner: steak , cucumber , tomato, tea

Day 8

Breakfast: Black coffee or tea

Lunch: two boiled eggs , tomatoes , spinach

Dinner: steak a salad

Day 9

Breakfast: black coffee , low calorie biscuits

Lunch: a steak , salad, fruit a

Dinner: steamed fish 150 g

Day 10

Breakfast: black coffee , low calorie biscuits

Lunch: two boiled eggs , salad, ham

Dinner: fish, salads , low calorie toast , tea

Day 11

Breakfast: black coffee , a low-calorie biscuits

Lunch: two boiled eggs , carrots, hard cheese

Dinner: fruit salad , yogurt .

Day 12

Breakfast: shredded carrots , you can add a bowl of lemon

Lunch: fish one , tomato a

Dinner: steak a salad ( celery salad , etc. )

Day 13

Breakfast: Black coffee or tea

Lunch: two boiled eggs , spinach , tomatoes

Dinner: steak a salad

Day 14

Breakfast: black coffee , a low-calorie biscuits

Lunch: Chicken Salad

Dinner: two boiled eggs , carrots bowl .

Day 15

Breakfast: tea

Lunch: barbecue , fruit

Dinner : You can start eating something they like, but in moderation

Tips: an average of about two weeks time to eat most of a person’s weight will drop 6-8 pounds, the second time to eat (ie, eat at least two weeks after the break to eat), with an average weight loss of 4-6 pounds, it is more regular weight loss.

Intake needed to lose weight dozens of nutrients the body needs, you can not eat low-calorie fruits to lose weight. Can be used with low-calorie fruit dishes can also be a time when hungry between meals, reduce dietary intake of calories, but also provide rich nutrients for the body.

Citrus pectin can inhibit the absorption of sugar and pectin is exactly where a lot of storage in a white blaze, white bars there are vitamin P, can help you strengthen blood vessels, improve immunity, do not worry about the resistance will decrease during weight loss .

Everyone knows that Apple is a fruit diet, because Apple is rich in vitamins and pectin, can slow down the hunger brings appetite. The pear to lungs, promote the body’s circulation metabolism, accelerate detoxification.

And Pear sugar can add energy, raw sweet potato starch content is relatively high, but the quality is also very rich in fiber, which can be used as a staple road juice completely, because satiety is definitely better than a meal is low.

Prepare an apple and a pear, peeled and do not directly cut into small pieces into the juicer, and then with half a raw sweet potato, peeled and cut into small pieces washed off the surface of the water, starch, reducing caloric intake. Add 300ml warm water juiced to drink.

Weight loss, beauty, the health benefits of citrus, in the winter the water tastes sweeter feeling, because in this rich season, relatively high concentration of sugar, so good to eat. It is also because of this, we can not eat too much, according to the above menu, eat 2-3 on OK, if it is outside this time, with the general diet, eat 1-2 a day is enough.

1 apple

Apple is indeed thin clouds fruit, it is rich in pectin, can help the intestines with the toxins do combine to accelerate the detoxification and reduce heat absorption, in addition to Apple’s quality is also much potassium can prevent leg edema. Hardness somewhat slowly chewing apples release the component, not only a sense of satiety, and the heat is not high, the 52 kcal / 100 g.

2 grapefruit

Grapefruit acid can help to increase digestive juice, to promote digestion and nutrition is also easily absorbed. It is rich in vitamin C, about 100 mg of a grapefruit, not only can eliminate fatigue, but also beautify the skin. Importantly, it is less sugary, suitable for weight loss supplement vitamin C.

3 tomatoes

Tomatoes contain lycopene, dietary fiber and pectin components can reduce calorie intake, promote gastrointestinal motility. Unique sour can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, and even enhance the taste of food is a good cooking healthy ingredients.

4 pineapple

Pineapple enzyme protein rather strong, although the meat protein digestion can help, but if you eat before a meal, it is easy to cause gastric injury are less likely to hurt the stomach after a meal to eat.

5 bananas

Bananas are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, potassium, etc., so there is a good intestines, strengthen muscles, it features soft diuretic. For a constant constipation, dry skin of the people, banana slimming and beauty. Carbohydrate-based ingredients in bananas, after eating can be immediately digested and quickly add strength. And Banana great satiety, as long as you can eat a belly wrap, but rather low calorie calories.

6 kiwifruit

Vitamin C content of kiwifruit (Actinidia), is also rich in dietary fiber, potassium, protein enzymes, and meat dishes with it so it is very suitable. A little sweet and sour taste of kiwi, to prevent constipation, helps digestion, beautify the skin singular effect, and can easily buy all year round.

Weight loss principle

Yellow sweet potato contains more β-carotene, help prevent cancer. Cut raw sweet potatoes can be seen when a white sap flow, it is a mucus proteins, have lower cholesterol, blood sugar, blood lipids and reduce the efficacy of subcutaneous fat, so sweet potatoes can be said to be a natural diet food.

According to evidence, as long as people eat sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots Total 100 grams, compared to people who do not eat completely, risk of lung cancer is cut in half.

In addition, sweet potatoes can improve the function of the digestive system, and build up their strength, so that people in poor appetite, weak air force is also very suitable to eat sweet potatoes. So, sweet potatoes are very health, weight loss for the crowd very wide food.

First, the sweet potato porridge (nutritious breakfast)

Ingredients: sweet potato 2 fine roots, rice amount, amount of water, a few drops of cooking oil


1 Prepare materials, sweet potatoes washed, diced, rice washing clean, with blisters a little while.

2 After boiling pot boil water, drops of oil, add the rice soaked fire to boil, pour the sweet potato Ding.

3 Again the fire to boil, turn a small fire, stir from time to time. After about 20 minutes of soft porridge cooked melon.


Sweet potato porridge thirst, hangover, antihypertensive effect. For chronic alcoholism, colds, fever, headache, thirst, facial flushing, dry stool, diarrhea, injuries summer thirst, high blood pressure, dizziness, red eyes and embolism.

A bowl of oatmeal flush salt olive +3

Oatmeal is very healthy crude fiber foods, but because of its fat content is not low, preferably on breakfast food in the morning the body needs some fat, which is more conducive to gastrointestinal motility.

The sodium salt olives can help to maintain normal metabolism, which is not low content of plant phenolic compounds also inhibit fat accumulation is a good helper.

1, bananas are rich in zinc and calcium, can help burn fat, but also can help the body get rid of  excess water to avoid edema, improve metabolism. In addition, there are also a lot of bananas B vitamins, can improve metabolism and regulate the female endocrine.

2, bananas are also rich in dietary fiber which will promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and help prevent constipation. Oligosaccharides which can regulate gastrointestinal beneficial bacteria that help improve bowel movement.

3, bananas also contain enzymes that help digestion, constipation can help prevent constipation, but also can improve the metabolism, prevent fat deposition.

There are few tips help you lose weight faster with bananas

1 banana diet breakfast

The easiest way is to eat directly, if you really do not like bananas, other fruits can also be used instead. In addition, you can also do banana salad, banana oatmeal, yogurt, bananas and other diet recipes ice do breakfast.

2, drinking a lot of water

Drink plenty of water not only can increase satiety, but also with the soluble fiber and pectin is also rich bananas, better help purge. So with banana for breakfast, to drink warm water as much as possible.

3, eat the bananas with the staple carbohydrate

Lunch and dinner are carbohydrate-based, no special diet, coupled with the normal daily routine .


1, the staple food selection carbohydrates, light taste best

Lunch and dinner is best carbohydrate-based food, if it can not busy work time to eat dinner, it’s best to eat in the afternoon when the air cushion under the belly rice. Another habit of eating sweets after dinner should quit, because sweets will prolong digestion time, so plan to break the constitution changed.

2, tired of eating into this is OK

Red bean is what we usually eat red beans, make it into a soup porridge to drink is very good, with a variety of health functions, while red bean also has a slimming effect, and today I give wow diet network Xiaobian introduce you to lose weight Red bean recipes, allowing you to eat more lean.

Red bean Nutritional value:

1, red bean contains more saponin can stimulate the intestinal tract, so it has a good diuretic effect, can be hangover, detoxification, on heart disease and kidney disease, edema beneficial;

2, red bean have more dietary fiber, has a good laxative, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, detoxification cancer, prevention of stones, body slimming effect;

3, red bean is rich in folic acid foods, mothers, nursing mothers eat red beans with prolactin effect.

Red bean diet recipes:

1, red bean soup Morus alba

Red bean 60g, mulberry 15g. Add boiling water, go Morus alba, Decoction and fresh beans. From “Herbal Supplements.” The side with red bean spleen dampness, and in order to specialize in Morus alba diuretic swelling. Spleen edema or beriberi, difficult urination.

2, Chine boiled red bean

Cogongrass rhizome 250g, red bean 120g. Add boiling water to dry, remove cogongrass rhizome, the beans fractional chewing. Cogongrass rhizome is cool diuretics, its sweet taste for Beans, can enhance the diuretic effect, but also relatively palatable, so quite successfully implemented. For edema, dysuria. It is used in nephritis or malnutrition, edema.

3, red bean porridge

Red bean 120g, rice 30g. Add water, cook gruel. 2 times food. From the “woman recipe.” This can only benefit the spleen and stomach and through breast milk. For women, lack of blood, milk no less.

100g cod + one red tomato

Cod fish is rich in high quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids, fatty acids for malignant decomposition has a strong role, and contains large amounts of lycopene and tomato soluble dietary fiber, at the same time are alkaline foods, regardless of skin on the body or both have a positive effect.

An apple +250 g yogurt

Apple and yogurt are rich in protein and soluble dietary fiber to help quickly produce satiety without increasing excess heat, while the active probiotic yogurt is to help balance the intestinal tract, remove metabolic waste a good helper.

A cup of American coffee + two whole wheat bread

Coffee contains sufficient amount of polyphenols and caffeine, it helps eliminating the lack of sleep, alcohol and other factors caused the swelling is particularly effective, while also help inhibit fat accumulation. Whole wheat bread contains natural enzymes and crude fiber, its good food to clean your body and nourishing the stomach.

One glass of lemon water and two small pieces of homemade cake

Lemonade is rich in vitamin C and vegetable tannin, a natural alkaline foods, physical conditioning system of long-term drinking can easily gain weight healthy physique. The homemade cakes no trans fatty substance, does not affect the body and health.

A bowl of porridge +50 g lean

Rice can provide the body with enough carbohydrates, moderate effort for the restoration and fast action. Lean meat is rich in protein, can long maintain satiety, help prevent hunger lunch due to urgent and overeating.

150g +200 g spinach

Among the many animal meat, the minimum fat content of chicken, eat a little bit will not affect body weight, but can help enhance satiety. Spinach is rich in chlorophyll and plant fiber, can help purify the blood free fatty.